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Only drunken sap I like to be around is myself, mate.


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popping on to say i’m sorry I haven’t been on for the last few days, but this week hasn’t been keeping me in a good mood for rping.

i thought for sure I’d want to get on this weekend, but I don’t really feel up to it tonight.  posting this in case I decide to take a slightly longer hiatus.  haven’t forgotten any scenes due, and responses will be coming eventually.))



[Now he certainly didn’t look happy. Fluttershy merely nods in response to his question.]

E-everything’s the same as when you left, I didn’t touch anything, n-not even your office. 

W-well, except to clean …

W-would you like another cup of tea?

I would like some peace and quiet.

Is that all right…?

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Well, this was quite unexpected. He unconsciously clenched his jaw and narrowed his eyes at Clive, wondering how the young man seemed to appear just when Hershel was most ill-prepared for guests.

Nevertheless the older man obliged, relaxing his previous scowl and leer into an expression befitting the gentleman. Hershel wasn’t exactly smiling, now, but he certainly wasn’t scowling at the former criminal.

Former may be overestimating it, Hershel silently noted, giving a quick look over the other man’s person. He hasn’t changed in the slightest.

“Of course,” he swiftly replied, tipping his own hat in response to the other’s gesture. The professor opened the door wider and faced Clive sideways, giving a sweep of his hand to silently tell him to take a seat.

“You’re always welcome to visit, Clive,” he added, though the phrase’s subtle undertone implied that he was anything but.

The living room itself fit the taste of a man like Hershel; elegant and classic.

The top of the coffee table surrounded by the seats was covered by a beige tablecloth. On the top of the table cloth were two sugar dishes on either end, small tongs to assist in the case that tea would be served. Also on either end of the coffee table were two chairs. A couch filled the gap along the side of the table, facing the front of the house and towards the entrance.

However, the furniture wasn’t suited for comfort. His chairs and couch, though upholstered with an inviting taste, eventually prove to be incommodious if used for a long period of time.

However, the professor supposed Clive would not stick around for that long. Frankly, Hershel would rather attend to more interesting activities than have a small chat with Clive, like watching paint dry or grass grow.

But he quietly bit his tongue, reassuring himself that he was a gentleman enough to go through at least a few exchange of friendly words with Mr. Dove.

^The good professor himself may not be aware of it, but his face always goes through the same motions when it comes to Clive Dove.  Said young man in blue tries hard to ignore the sharp prick of despair that cuts into him as he views the display once more.

Layton still doesn’t think of him as he does those others, apparently.

Didn’t he deserve it by now?  He so desperately wanted it.

Not that this inner plea is made obvious to the older man himself.  No, Clive’s very careful about upholding his usual act.  If he keeps playing his part, and playing it well—and really, what else is there so natural for him to play?—maybe Layton will acknowledge him eventually.  Truly acknowledge, not this trivial formality trash.

Making his way to a chair and taking a seat completely at-ease, almost as if he owned the place, Clive crosses one leg over the other and regards the professor with a devious little grin.  It did make obvious something: he wanted to talk.  He had things to discuss.^

Right, thanks.



N-now— …?

[Something seemed a bit … off. It threw Fluttershy off a bit, made her start to think that Clive just wasn’t himself anymore.

Should she ask? No, it might ruin the moment. Although … he didn’t really seem to care that much.]

Y-You’re not tired from your trip … ? 

^He pulls completely away, and his stature droops in time with another defeated sigh.  The attempt is over.  Interestingly enough, something inside him knew it would be from the very beginning.^

…As a dog.

Is our bedroom in the same place, love?

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(He just shakes his head, squeezing his eyes shut so no more tears would fall.)

“I cost ‘er a lot of money, dis’obeyed her, then I yelled at her like it were her fault, said I didn’t need her, said she was a spineless coward…”

“…She ‘ates bein’ called that…”

…And did you mean all of those things, Simon?  Mean them with all of your heart?

Did each and every single one of them with nothing else but the intent to destroy her?

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Drink hearty and be merry, mate.



“I took all the generosity, kindness and care she’s shown me…”

“…N’threw it back in her face.”

But how, Simon?  How is the key word here…!

I doubt it was anything as extensive as you make it out to b—