theloyalrainbow replied to your post: “Hey, where have you been?” Dash frowned and put her hands on her hips.

“Okay, that’s acceptable, then.” Dash relaxed her stance and crossed her arms instead. “I’d say that the springtime is perfect. I would say that you should do it after the Winter Wrap Up though.”


"Well I would think that it would be, wouldn’t it, if it’s in spring, Dash." {he said with a laugh, finding her statement to be unnecessarily obvious.}

"Currently I’m about to start my lunch break, though. Flutter made me a lunch again, though I insisted she didn’t have to… But it was sweet of her."

{Clive wondered if she wrote him another note again, just like yesterday. He paused, looking at his locked desk drawer where the note from yesterday resided. No way could he let his co-workers reading them. Each word she wrote was for him, and him alone. Not another soul’s eyes. He gave a small smile, looking back to the computer monitor where he continued to write his reply email.}

"Anyway, I was thinking sometime in May would be perfect, right in the middle of Spring when everything is blossoming. We might have the wedding somewhere in a public garden of sorts…?"